Instruments and interactive systems

Most of these systems are exposed in details into my thesis (pdf, French). they were designed using Max/MSP and Jitter software.

instruments - specific devices - interactive systems - controllers

Digital musical instruments

Scanned String- mpeg1 video - paper pdf

The Scanned String is an instrument that uses a graphical tablet and a touch surface to control a Scanned Synthesis model. The Scanned Synthesis uses a virtual string which shape represents the waveform of the sound. A Max/MSP object (scansynth~) was developped to uses the Scanned Synthesis in Max/MSP.

Filtering String - mpeg1 video - paper pdf (section 3.3)

The filtering string uses the same string than Scanned Synthesis to control a filter bank.

Evolutions of other instruments of LMA's Computer music team:

Voicer (original instrument - mpeg1 video) with multipoint interpolation - mpeg1 video

Specific devices

Musical drawing interface - quicktime video

The musical drawing interface enables to produce sound in real time with drawing gestures made on an interactive pen display. A second controller is used to change drawing properties (color, brush size, transparency, brightness,...)

Etheraction - mpeg1 video - paper pdf

Etheraction is a multiphonic electroacoustic piece using synthetic sounds produced with the Scanned Synthesis and the Filtering String. Two devices have been created to enable to perform live the piece. Those devices are based on the use of graphical interfaces and enable to control both sound synthesis and spatialisation.

Interactive systems

Scanned Synthesis with touch screen - mpeg1 video, FIS synthetizer (with Jehan-Julien Fillatriau) - mpeg1 video



Pointing Fingers - paper pdf

Touchscreen with multipointers. Used with Scanned Synthesis (mpeg1 video) and Photosonic Synthesis mpeg1 video ( original instrument - mpeg1 video)


musical pieces