Max-Msp Objects:

scansynth~ for os 9, os X and XP

Real time control of Scanned Synthesis in max-Msp. This object offers a high level control of this synthesis technique.
• User-define number of masses of the circular string model
• Metaparameters to control synthesis parameters global evolution
• Control of the parameters' non-uniformity with a curve-based system
• Store the synthesis parameters in presets
• Write / Read presets using files
• Presets interpolation
• Use the string shape for other control purposes

Download scansynth for mac (Universal Binaries)
Dowload scansynth for PC

wacom v3.1ß5 UB for os X

This external is an update of the Richard Dudas wacom object (os 9).
For windows XP wacom object, see Here.
Please use recent wacom drivers (v 4.7.6 or later).

Caution: the last wacom driver (v 6.X.X) could cause some crashes and problems (like disabling the "nopointer" function). Use the v 4.9.6-3 instead.

Download wacom V3.1ß5 for os X (Universal Binaries)

v3.1 ß5 (July 16th, 2006):
• MacIntel compatibility (Univeral Binaries)

• New message xyrange to change the range of the tablet position
v3.1 ß3 (May 30th, 2006):
• Fixed bugs: Max/MSP does not crashes anymore when no Wacom driver installed on the computer and 'poll bang' now sends also tablet proximity data
v3.1 ß2 (October 13th, 2005):
• The object send data while max is in background, if “Enable access for assistive devices” is checked in the Universal Access preference pane
• Fixed bug with bang: now, send a 'poll bang' message to use bang to obtain tablet data
• Support of Intuos 3 tablets (displays the correct tool name in the menu)
• The object can output mouse parameters by passing "mouse" as argument
• Mouse pointer:
- by default, not disconnected from the tablet. nopointer remplaces movecurs message
- Each tablet can be connected or disconnected from mouse pointer separately
- With the bgrd option, the mouse pointer can be disconnected while max is in background
v3.0 ß2 (november 12th, 2003):
• Fixed bug finder->max->finder: max crashes if no tablet is plug in the computer
• Outputs : now the object outputs data only if it changes
v3.0 ß (october 1st, 2003) - Now in OS X ! - new features:
• Use several tablets simultaneously and choose the tablets in a pop-up menu
• Choose if the tablet moves or not the mouse cursor
• Changes :
- new range for pressure, tilt, etc ... (due to new implementation in the osX wacom driver)
- outlet device ID : unique ID associated to a tool and a tablet
- outlet tablet proximity record : list of features of the tablet and tool
- last outlet : pop-up menu