Research areas

My research works deal with gestural control of sound processes, especially with digital musical instruments and with how to link gesture and sound ("mapping"). My PhD works were specialised in the use of graphical interfaces to control of sound processes. these works lead to the creation of several digital musical instruments and interactive systems (see ' creations' page), which were used musically. These researches are interdisciplinary and are relating to several areas, as Computer music, Computer-Human Interaction, Acoustics, Signal Processing, Experimental Psychology (studies of human perception and action).

A digital musical instrument consists in one or several gestural controllers, one digital real-time system (computer) and one audionumerical device (converter, amplifier and speaker). The digital system contains the algorithms that compute the digital audio signal; these algorithms are controlled by the data send by the gestural controllers. The digital audio signal is transformed into acoustic waves by the speaker.

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