Musical Pieces

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Electroacoustic pieces

Parkinsonic, 2006

Etheraction, 2004, for 8 speakers

Travelem, 2002, first contact with electroacoustic music

Live pieces

Demus, 2006, performed with a granular instrument and a specific device which produces sound using drawing gestures (quicktime video of the device). Performed by Jean-Michel Couturier and Magnolya Roy.

Etheraction version Live, 2004, performed with two specifically-created devices

these pieces were performed with the Tutti Quanti Computing Orchestra (TQCO)

Raganalog, 2003, for analog synths, flute and electronic percussions

Le rêve du Funambule, 2002, for Filtering string and Photosonic Emulator

Vibrations Feuilletées, 2002, for Scanned String and Banjo

Other pieces of Tutti Quanti Computing Orchestra

Other TQCO pieces of which I have participated:

D'ici et d'Ailleurs (Loïc Kessous), Route 729 (Daniel Arfib), Les Dauphins (Daniel Arfib), Vol d'Eau (Antoine Gonot)


06/02/2006, CNR Marseille, with the conservatory
15/10/2004, IUP Satis, Aubagne (13)
06/04/2004, (without TQCO), Concert Emergence, Musée Ziem, Martigues
09/03/2004, (without TQCO), GMEM, Marseille
18/10/2003, Fête de la science, Café Julien, Marseille
10/10/2003, Festival Explorateurs associés, Espace François Mitterand, Lorgues (83)
27/05/2003, Café des Arts, Quebec City
23/05/2003, conférence NIME03, Montréal
20/05/2003, le Barouf, Montréal
18/10/2002, Café Julien, Marseille
15/04/2002, Web Bar, Marseille


musical pieces